Laser Hair removal, how it works and what to expect.

Laser hair removal is an excellent solution for those who have had enough with shaving, waxing or tweezing. It helps with skin texture and makes you forget about in-grown hairs. Also saving you a lot of time, where you don’t need to worry about hair removal daily.

Modern technology allows a beam of light to effectively destroy hair follicles- permanently removing unwanted hairs.​


With each procedure you’ll notice less and less hair growing back. Until you meet your desired result. 

However, hair on the treated area might grow back due to some hormonal changes in your body. In this case having additional sessions helps.

If you have dark skin: What’s Your Skintel Number?

Purely Natural medical spa is currently the only medical spa in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to offer the Skintel™ melanin reader-the only FDA cleared melanin reader. This device uses groundbreaking technology to determine the amount of melanin in your skin, meaning skin type. Until now, providers had to rely on subjective tools to determine a client’s skin type, increasing the risk of laser/IPL complications particularly on darker toned skin.

With the Skintel™, we take the guesswork out of skin typing.

The provider will first take 3 Skintel™ readings to determine your unique skin type number. Laser Hair removal treatment entails using cooling Cryogen, so as to diminish any discomfort. Most clients report a light “zapping” sensation during the procedure. Treatment time varies depending on the treatment area. Return to work the same day. The clinician will discuss with you how many hair removal services will be required to achieve the desired effect.


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